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Ron Blank & Associates, Inc. and its affiliates are leading providers of continuing education for building design professionals, through online courses, Lunch & Learns, webinars, and CE Academies. RBA physically meets with architects, engineers, interior designers, and other design professionals in over 50 different markets across the U.S. every year through our architectural specification program.
We are an AIA Cornerstone Partner and winner of the AIA’s Continuing Education Award For Excellence in 2002 and 2008. Since 1985, we have helped bridge the gap between building product manufacturers and design professionals.
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RBA History
Ron Blank started his company in 1985 based on one underlying mission, to bridge the gap between design professionals and product manufacturers. Ron started the business in San Antonio, Texas. Everything is big in Texas and so were his dreams of starting the first nationwide architectural specifications program for manufacturers.
Before Al Gore invented the Internet, Ron would drive his 1981 Oldsmobile through the back roads of Texas and Louisiana presenting different products to architects. From Paris, Texas to Baton Rogue, Louisiana, Ron blazed a trail across the South as he educated and entertained architects. His ten years of experience in designing and consulting on major commercial tilt-up projects throughout Texas helped. Eventually, RBA expanded to three people and his mother Alice was hired to run everything at the front office for nearly a decade. This was the era of pagers, Compaq computers, and parachute pants. As Ron's product lines expanded, so did his coverage across the United States.
As the years went by, Ron saw a need for easily available continuing education for design professionals. He developed one of the first online learning centers for design professionals around the world to earn their AIA credits. The company became too big for it's britches and eventually moved to new headquarters where it still resides. Today, the company has over 15 employees, utilizes smart phones, the Internet, and no one has worn parachute pants since last Halloween. Ron's dream of bridging the gap between design professionals and product manufacturer's is still his mission after 30 years.
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