Understanding Quartz Surfacing Material
Learning Objectives:
1. List the components of Quartz surfacing material
2. Describe the role Quartz has played in history
3. Explain where Quartz can be found
4. List physical properties of Quartz
5. Describe the Breton manufacturing process
6. List the differences between acrylic solid surfaces, stone, and Quartz surfaces
7. List the composit materials integrated into quartz solid surfacing
8. Explain what you get when you combine Quartz surfacing material and antimicrobial

Cosentino USA was established in 1998 to distribute and market Silestone natural quartz surfaces in North America. As the quartz surfacing pioneer in the United States, Cosentino USA is reshaping the traditional American way of thinking when it comes to surfacing design. With five production lines, Cosentino is the largest manufacturer of natural quartz surfaces in the world, giving Cosentino USA access to the largest inventory.
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