Overview SEI15A
Electric Tankless Water Heaters
Learning Objectives:
1. Explain the Water/Energy Nexus as it relates to water heating
2. Discuss consumption patterns associated with typical residential hot water usage
3. Identify the different classifications of water heater designs currently on the market
4. Discuss the benefits and shortcomings associated with each classification of water heating design
5. Explain the role and effectiveness of Electric Tankless Water Heaters
6. Discuss the difference between flow control and temperature control as separate demand water heating activation technologies
7. Explain the issues of light flicker “power quality” related issues in evaluating different Electric Tankless models and manufacturers
8. Discuss the impact of hot water systems on electrical load and peak demand
9. Describe how properly designed electric tankless water heaters integrate into a sustainable, low-flow, energy efficient plumbing design
10. Identify the benefits associated with the use of new low-flow “Electric Tankless” system technology
11. Identify the fuel source for each technology and how each is related to renewable energy

Seisco is a developer and manufacturer of electric tankless water heaters. Seisco models virtually eliminate standby heat loss and are over 99% thermally efficient compared to industry standard 40-gallon electric water heaters rated at about 92%. A standard 40-gallon tank type electric water heater loses about 2% of its stored energy to the surrounding environment every hour.
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