Overview PLL05B
Access Ladders & Stairways: Design and Code Solutions
Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the types of fixed access ladders, ships ladders, alternating tread, industrial stairs and disappearing stairways.
2. Describe applications for each type of fixed ladder, ships ladder, alternating tread, industrial stairs or disappearing stairways.
3. List the applicable building code considerations
4. Accurately specify the ladder or stairway needed for a project based on the application and applicable building code.

Since 1942, Precision Ladders has been a leading manufacturer of commercial-grade access products including fixed aluminum ladders, ships ladders, roof hatches and folding stairways for either attic access or roof access. Today's Precision Ladders product line is not limited to commercial or industrial applications. They can also be found in many single family residences as well as multi-family residential projects.
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