Overview UTL05B
Pedestrian Cable Railings: Guardrails with Cable Infill
Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the unique design requirements for a railing using cable as a railing in-fill
2. Design the cable railing to meet the International Building Code requirements of a cable guardrail system
3. List the different types of frames suitable to safely withstand the tension of a cable railing system
4. Explain the characteristics of different cable constructions and how these characteristics contribute to user safety and pleasing design aesthetics
5. Understand the various types of hardware available and choose the best hardware to attach the cables to different termination materials

Ultra-tec Cable Railing Systems feature hardware components that were designed for architectural purposes, not adapted from a marine application. Our signature tensioning device, the Invisiware Receiver, hides inside the newel post to ensure your finished railing has the cleanest look possible.

Made of at least 65% recycled Type 316 Stainless Steel, Ultra-tec fittings are low maintenance, tamper-resistant, and proudly made in America. Your railing system will help your project qualify for LEED credits and will resist corrosion and rust the way only the highest grade stainless steel can. There is a 10-year warranty on parts.

Best of all, when coupled with our supplied Type 316 cable, you will have a strong, reliable railing system that you look right through. It wonít block the view of the action at an event venue and it wonít enclose an interior space. Airy, modern, and green, itís the railing choice for the 21st century.

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