Reflective Insulation, Radiant Barriers and Control Coatings
Learning Objectives:
1. Discuss heat transfer, with an emphasis on radiant heat transfer
2. Explain the underlying principles of reflective insulation and radiant barriers
3. Clarify the differences between these two reflective technologies and illustrate applications best suited to each product
4. Describe the effective use of reflective insulation and radiant barriers

The Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International (RIMA-I) is the only trade association representing the reflective insulation, radiant barrier, and low-e reflective coatings industries. RIMA-I activities are guided by an active board of industry members that participate on national and local levels of building code organizations and governmental agencies. RIMA-I members were and still are very active in ASTM as well as ICA (Insulation Contractors Association) and ICAA, a national organization. With active membership of 24 organizations, (see membership list), from the US and Canada, RIMA-I continues to grow and promote the use and understanding of reflectives based on the same ideals as the founders nineteen years ago.
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