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Guide Specs
Every building product manufacturer that wants to be specified in design projects must have a guide specification in a CSI 3-part format for all of their products. RBA’s spec writing team can assist you with re-writing, updating, or developing guide specs from scratch.
Once your guide specs are ready and accessible to the design professionals, they can be easily added to a project specification or to any firm’s master specification which is the best place for it to end up. Getting your guide specs into a firm’s master specification is the primary goal of all RBA programs.
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What is SpexPlus?
1. All full master specification system: Provides design professionals all sections needed to prepare a project specification on most architectural projects.
2. Takes full advantage of word processing software features: Utilizes automatic paragraph and page numbering, hidden text and styles, and is consistently formatted to allow the use of macros for fast editing.
3. Available in multiple word processor formats: Choose Microsoft Word or Corel Word Perfect versions.
Advantages for Product Manufacturers
1. Lists your name in Part 2 - Products of applicable sections below “Acceptable Manufacturers”: The master sections are used as the basis for all projects written by a design professional, thereby listing your name in every project that they issue.
2. Includes a hypertext link to your website: No more out-of-date or missing catalogs; design professionals research your product without ever leaving their desk.
3. Reasonably priced: Just a fraction the cost of other high-cost distribution systems; more specifications per dollar spent.
4. Supplements your marketing staff: Because it is available to design professionals 24/7/365, SpexPlus works when your staff isn’t able to.
5. Preferred by design professionals: Because it is FREE and easy-to-use, SpexPlus is preferred for use on those projects that 80% of design firms actually work on.
6. Preferred Product sections are also available: Sections written specifically for your product are available; design professionals choose the approach that best suits their needs, and seamlessly integrate proprietary sections without reformatting.
Click on the image below to go to the SpexPlus website to get your FREE copy of SpexPlus! 
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