The Advantages of Covering an Indoor Pool

The Advantages of Covering an Indoor Pool

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Using water efficiently to reduce unnecessary usage is the basic premise of water conservation. Indoor swimming facilities can conserve water, but more importantly, they can increase energy efficiencies and save money by using pool covers. In this one-hour course, you will learn about different types of pool covers, deployment systems, and design considerations when specifying indoor pool cover systems. Evaporation of indoor pool water will be explained as well as chloramine control through proper water treatment and air exchange. Case studies will be reviewed to evaluate energy efficiency and explore cost savings while meeting code requirements and creating design solutions.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Define evaporation and explain how different pool covers affect its rate
  2. Recognize how pool cover systems eliminate excessive water consumption and unnecessary heating while reducing operation costs
  3. Describe different types of pool covers and deployment systems
  4. Explain how chloramines are created and how they can be eliminated from both pool water and surround air
Design Category (CSI Division): 
(13) Special Construction
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Building Design
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Narrated Video
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10 Multiple Choice and True/False Questions

A score of 80% or higher is required to receive a certificate of completion