Fire Retardant Treated wood (FRTW) For Commercial and Residential Structures

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In this course, we will gain insight into the growing need for and use of fire retardant treated wood (FRTW). We will explore both interior and exterior FRTW and discuss treatment options. Through a review of applications, codes, and standards, the design professional will have a better understanding of how to incorporate FRTW into their next project.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Describe the fire retardant features of FRT wood, and difference between fire resistance and flame spread
  2. List the various types of FRTW and their specific applications
  3. Explain what the model building codes require, and how FRTW is specified
Design Category (CSI Division): 
(06) Wood, Plastics and Composites
AIBD Division: 
Building Design
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Slide Show - No Audio
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Course & Quiz Details: 

10 Multiple Choice and True/False Questions

A score of 80% or higher is required to receive a certificate of completion