An Introduction to BIM & Automated Specifications

How to Win Good Architecture Projects Consistently

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Today's clients are more immune than ever to traditional advertising and marketing methods. Competition is fierce and to most prospective clients, all architects look alike. How do you differentiate yourself in a crowded market? In this one hour presentation, you'll discover a little-known but highly effective 3 step process to attract and win high-quality clients and projects without spending all of your time and money networking, or using traditional advertising and marketing methods.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Discover the 3 steps of attracting more prospective clients and winning more projects
  2. Understand how to apply the 3 steps in your own practice to create a steady flow of new project inquiries
  3. Discover the most effective (but little-used) client getting strategy for architects
  4. Learn how to fill in the 'missing step' in the typical architect's sales process
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(00) Special Topics
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Business Administration
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Narrated Video
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10 Multiple Choice and True/False Questions

A score of 80% or higher is required to receive a certificate of completion