Understanding Hot Water Demand Energy Use & System Efficiencies in High Use Facilities

Understanding Hot Water Demand: Energy Use & System Efficiencies in High Use Facilities

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The efficiency of a facility’s water heating system is vital to not only the building’s daily operation but also to the comfort of its occupants. Join us in this one-hour course as we discuss how to estimate hot water demands and determine the capacity requirements for the water heating system in a high use facility. Participants will learn how to calculate the thermal efficiency of water heating systems, as well as how to specify higher efficiency equipment that reduces operating costs and energy consumption.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Recall the unique water heating requirements of a high use facility such as restaurants to ensure daily operations can proceed safely and efficiently
  2. List the three factors to consider when determining the hot water demand of a facility and how to calculate the BTUs required to meet a building’s needs
  3. Discuss how thermal loss impacts a water heating system’s efficiency, as well as the thermal efficiency available with different water heating methods
  4. Illustrate the energy savings and cost savings possible by utilizing emerging energy recovery technologies that increase the efficiency of water heating systems
Design Category (CSI Division): 
(23) Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
Delivery Format: 
Narrated Video
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