Specifying Tested Connection Products That Limit Liability

Light-Gauge Steel Framing Connection Products: Specifying Tested Connection Products That Limit Liability

Connections play a vital role in the performance of light-gauge framing assemblies. This course is designed to differentiate the various connectors, clips and framing hardware used to make or support cold-formed framing connections. The course will conclude with a representation of allowable load tables and the importance of determining the proper method of attachment to the structure.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. How deflection clips are used to attach exterior curtain-wall studs to a building structure
  2. How to provide for vertical building movement independent of the cold-formed steel framing
  3. What types of support clips are used for rigid or positive attachment connections
  4. What are the track types and what are the advantages of each
  5. Understand the various methods used to install the different types of connectors
  6. Properly interpreting the allowable load tables for clips
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Continental US
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(05) Metals
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