The Spec Shaman Summit Video Series Featuring Craig Haney

Craig Haney

Get in the mind of the Spec Shaman! These videos will walk you through the architect’s world and help you understand their product decision process and what challenges they face when specifying products. They will also cover the various means and methods of getting your products in front of design professionals and at the right time. This includes what resources are absolute must haves, to options that are available to widen your net for bringing attention to your building products.

Our presenter, Craig Haney is a Fellow with the Construction Specifications Institute and has been writing project specifications for top U.S. firms for over 30 years as well as writing product guide specifications for product manufacturers for much of that time as well. He has a unique perspective on exactly what is needed to consider a product for specification and what is NOT needed. You will certainly come away with knowledge that will help you in your specification and marketing efforts no matter how long you have been in the industry.

Five Part Video Series:

1. Understanding design professionals
• Issues you will face
• Types of representatives that work with design professionals

2. Understanding design professionals
• Factors affecting product decisions
• Understanding construction documents

3. Understanding design professionals
• Understanding construction documents
• Why products are selected

4. Working with Design Professionals
• Effective product information
• Understanding construction submittals
• Reaching the design professional

5. Working with Design Professionals
• Effective technical assistance
• The games we play
• Will you live or die?