Fujifilm Healthcare
With the advent of digital photography, Fujifilm looked to its portfolio of intellectual property built upon film technologies. These include film formation and high-precision coating, grain formation, functional polymers, nano-dispersion, functional molecules, and redox control (oxidation of the molecule). Inherent in all these is very precise quality control. For instance, we predicted the boom of LCD screens and invested heavily in this market. Leveraging the photo film technologies, we created FUJITAC, a variety of high-performance films essential for making LCD panels for TV, computers, and smartphones. Today, FUJITAC owns 70% of the market for critical protective LCD polarizer films. Fujifilm revenues have grown from $12.8B in 2000 at the height of film, to $21.5B today. Our primary competitor in film filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Our healthcare product lines continue to grow and lead in certain key markets. Fujifilm Healthcare revenues will top $5B with the recent acquisition of the healthcare imaging division of Hitachi