Webinar Presenters

Webinar Presenters

Want to find out who presented that last webinar you attended? Liked a presentation’s content so much that you want to reach out and get more information? Here you will find a list of our webinar presenters so you can connect and continue the conversation.

A Webinar Presenter for Plastpro, Inc.

Herb Martin

Herb Martin is a District Sales Manager for Plastpro inc. He has been involved in the building industry for over 30 plus years as a project manager with extensive knowledge of the construction practices.
His positive attitude and perseverance has helped him become one of the top achievers in his profession.

My Upcoming Webinars: Jan 19, 2021, Fiberglass Doors Gateway to Performance Comparison

A Webinar Presenter for Buffalo Lumber

Chris Buffalo

'In 2004 Buffalo Lumber got found on the internet for wood siding. From that day to this I have spent 8 hours a day 5 days a week talking to wood lovers about their projects. I have talked with over 20,000 them. Their love, their stories and their excitement are what motivated me to start CedarSiding.ORG for education purposes.'

My Upcoming Webinars: Feb 4, 2021, Exterior Wood Performance Considerations

A Webinar Presenter for MASA Architectural Canopies

Steve provides continuing education by presenting on the positive environmental impacts of canopy and sun shade systems across the country. He is also responsible for public relations and marketing at MASA, where he runs comprehensive social media networking and campaigns. He also produces MASA’s YouTube videos. Steve’s background is in journalism and media.

My Upcoming Webinars: Feb 17, 2021, Don't Wait: A Canopy Prep Timeline
Mar 10, 2021, Don't Wait: A Canopy Prep Timeline

A Webinar Presenter for Scranton Products

Sarah is responsible for developing and implementing marketing and graphic/web design strategies for Scranton Products. She works to ensure the brand essence is achieved in all design projects which includes printed and digital solutions. Sarah is also responsible for fostering the growth of sales, leads and brands by developing, assisting and implementing marketing initiatives.