Webinar Presenters

Webinar Presenters

Want to find out who presented that last webinar you attended? Liked a presentation’s content so much that you want to reach out and get more information? Here you will find a list of our webinar presenters so you can connect and continue the conversation.

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A Webinar Presenter for RMAX

Matthew received his Master’s degree in Architecture from Texas Tech University and has over 20 years in the building industry. His experience includes architectural design, construction, consulting, training and development roles. As the Commercial Envelope Specialist at Rmax, he works directly with Architects and contractors to select the optimal insulation for their projects while meeting...

A Webinar Presenter for Benjamin Moore

Jennifer Limberg

Jennifer Limberg is an Architectural and Design Representative for Benjamin Moore. As part of the New York Metro Field Sales Team, Jennifer directly serves the Manhattan and Staten Island architect and design community-delivering the most up-to-date information on products, color trends and color tools. Jennifer is a member of IDLNY, NKBA, and CSI.

My Upcoming Webinars: Aug 29, 2019, Why Pigments Matter

A Webinar Presenter for AERCON

Mike is a native of South Carolina and North Greenville University alumni. He has been in commercial construction sales since 1986. He started his sales career with National Gypsum as territory sales representative in Augusta, GA after which he was promoted to Regional Sales Manager for Armor Bond Building Products and covering the Southeastern US which brought him to Florida in 1991. He has...

A Webinar Presenter for Maple Flooring Manufacturers Assn, Inc. MFMA

Dan Heney joined MFMA in 1995 as the Technical Director and became the Executive Director in 2008. Mr. Heney is responsible for providing the architectural and specifying communities a resource for unbiased information. He provides technical assistance on pre-installation, installation and post installation issues. Additional responsibilities and accomplishments include implementation of the...

My Upcoming Webinars: Sep 11, 2019, Selecting The Best Sports Floor
Oct 16, 2019, Selecting The Best Sports Floor
Nov 12, 2019, Selecting The Best Sports Floor

A Webinar Presenter for Noble Company

Dean Moilanen

Dean is a Division 9 waterproofing, crack isolation, and permeation specialist who advises on some of the most demanding and prestigious projects in the USA. As a 30-year veteran of the tile industry, Dean's relationships with architects, builders, and owners allow him access to some of the most challenging and compelling design issues in the industry. Dean's extensive career on job sites...

My Upcoming Webinars: Sep 13, 2019, Up Against a Wall

A Webinar Presenter for Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA)

Larry Peters

Larry Peters is Project Manager for the Copper Development Association, Inc. (CDA). His responsibilities include providing training and technical assistance to architects, interior designers, contractors, engineers and others interested in copper and copper alloy material for building construction. A 1987 graduate of West Point, Larry has spent the past 22 years working exclusively with...

My Upcoming Webinars: Sep 17, 2019, Copper in Architecture

A Webinar Presenter for Element Designs

Nelson Wills is one of the founders and partners behind Element Designs. He holds a BA in Construction Science and Management from Clemson University, which focuses on materials and methods of commercial construction projects. Prior to Element Designs, Nelson worked in the factory automation industry in a sales engineering capacity, solving difficult applications with machine vision...

My Upcoming Webinars: Sep 18, 2019, Modern Material for Contemporary Design

A Webinar Presenter for Owens Corning

Herbert (Bert) Slone is a registered architect and Chief Architect for Owens Corning where he provides leadership to building envelope systemization, developing basis-of-design solutions for architects. He has over 48 years of experience in construction and more than 34 years in the insulation industry. For his work on the “direct-to-deck” fire rated roof insulation system he won the Owens...

My Upcoming Webinars: Sep 19, 2019, Complete Wall Systematization to Meet Performance Goals

A Webinar Presenter for American Society of Concrete Contractors

Chris Sullivan

Chris Sullivan is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ChemSystems Inc and their holdings, Cement Colors and Decorative Concrete Supply of Kansas. ChemSystems Inc. is a manufacturer of Helix Color Systems, a premium line of Decorative Concrete admixtures, colorants, toppings, and sealers. His responsibilities include managing all sales and marketing activities for the company in...

My Upcoming Webinars: Sep 25, 2019, Decorative Concrete Applications and Trends

A Webinar Presenter for Benjamin Moore

Amy is an Architectural & Design Representative for Benjamin Moore, North America’s favorite paint, color and coatings brand. In her tenure at Benjamin Moore, Amy works closely with Architects and Interior Designers to provide product specifications, continuing education, and color tool resources. In addition, she hosts networking events to bring industry professionals together,...

My Upcoming Webinars: Sep 26, 2019, Why Pigments Matter

A Webinar Presenter for Scranton Products

Sarah is responsible for developing and implementing marketing and graphic/web design strategies for Scranton Products. She works to ensure the brand essence is achieved in all design projects which includes printed and digital solutions. Sarah is also responsible for fostering the growth of sales, leads and brands by developing, assisting and implementing marketing initiatives.

A Webinar Presenter for The Architect Marketing Institute

Enoch Sears

Enoch Sears is one of the world's most sought-after experts on marketing for architects. He's famous for helping architects get recognition and business success using client attraction strategies without being self-promotional or annoying. He's a licensed architect, and co-founder of the Architect Marketing Institute, a consulting agency that helps architecture firms win better projects...

A Webinar Presenter for PROSOCO

Jacob Boyer is the Business Unit Leader of PROSOCO's Clean and Protect product line, including the Sure Klean and Enviro Klean sub-brands of cleaners and protective treatments for masonry buildings. Boyer previously worked as a PROSOCO Regional Sales Manager covering the Pacific Northwest and Western regions of the U.S. Prior to joining PROSOCO in 2013, he worked for Tatley-Grund, a...

My Upcoming Webinars: Oct 24, 2019, Protective Treatments for Masonry and Concrete

A Webinar Presenter for World Dryer

Kevin Summerlee is a top leader and company performer in national sales managing markets in United States, Canada, and United Kingdom for World Dryer/American Dryer. Kevin is responsible for developing and executing sales and marketing strategies. He works with architects, c-level executives, building owners, engineers, construction managers and contractors through all stages of the design...

A Webinar Presenter for Prime Window Systems, LLC.

Chris J. Solari is currently the Director of Sales for Prime Window Systems LLC and has over 15 years of experience in building materials sales. Prior to his current role, Chris was the U.S. Architectural representative for Atrium Windows and then Prime Window Systems for 8 years. During this time, he worked closely with the design community to specify Acoustic Window Systems in Multi-family...

A Webinar Presenter for Bradley Corporation

Daniel Hughes

Mr. Hughes serves as Bradley Corporation's BIM Strategist for the Bradley Building Information Modeling Initiative. He serves as a Specifications & ADA Specialist supporting Bradley Sales, Engineering, Marketing and Client Care Departments. Since 2002, he has provided technical and project consulting on more than $5 billion of client Revit projects; while providing in-depth Revit training...

A Webinar Presenter for ACME BRICK

Bob Carter has a degree in architecture from Cooper Union and has been engaged in building design and construction since 1987. His efforts have been concentrated on residential, commercial, and industrial facility projects primarily in New York, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Bob has worked for the last nine years with Acme Brick Company as an engineering detail liaison to the...

My Upcoming Webinars: Nov 8, 2019, Introduction to Terracotta Panels