NB Handy
NB Handy holds the rare distinction of being successfully owned and operated by the same family for more than 125 years. NB Handy was founded in 1891 by Nathan Bryant Handy who began his family owned business delivering galvanized black sheets, steel roofing, copper, solder and accessories to his customers via horse and wagon. Soon he had built a building in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia to house his company. The Southern Railway ran right by the building. Although the products and industries the company has served since its inception have changed and grown, the core values of excellence and treating employees, vendors and customers like family remain strong. The company credits its robust longevity to Mr. Handy’s founding principles. In the post WWII economic boom, a new market emerged for warm heating and air conditioning. NB Handy quickly responded to the needs of this market for the metal it could provide for duct fabrication. As technology advanced, machinery was added into the mix to increase quality, productivity and to provide value for our customers, resulting in higher profits. We continue to respond to emerging markets and technologies and make sure our customers have everything they need to compete in their markets and win. Nathan Bryant Handy built his company on passion, integrity, innovation, intelligent strategy, adaptability and accountability. For more than 125 years, we have proudly served our employees, vendor partners and customers, seeking to be the preferred choice.