U.S. Bullet Proofing
United States Bullet Proofing, Inc. offers a complete line of Blast, Ballistic and Forced Entry Resistant Doors, Windows and Wall Systems. Uses include buildings, safe rooms and guard booths. Our unique product designs have been developed to compliment today’s architectural doors and windows. United States Bullet Proofing has an engineering department ready to assist you with your next project. Our licensed professional engineers, AutoCad operators and master craftsman have the skill and experience to design and manufacture doors, windows and wall systems to meet your security needs. Our certifications include DOS, H.P. White Labs, UL752, NIJ, GSA, UFC, ASTM and more. The pride and attention to detail that goes into each one of our high security products clearly demonstrates why we have achieved a reputation which has helped us grow steadily since 1988. Demand the very best, especially when your life or the lives of your clients depend on it.