Can I retake the same courses every year and receive continuing education credit?

Yes, you can retake the same courses every year. Before you take a course, review your RBA or AIA transcript to verify the course numbers and dates of completion to ensure you will receive credit. We recommend that you contact AIA regarding your course completions if you are unsure if you are able to take a course again for credit.. We review courses every year with the subject matter experts to assure the material is the most current. During reviews, we often make revisions. When we revise courses, we resubmit the new course to AIA for approval and post the course with a new course number. Our best efforts to bring you accurate information do not supercede the professional responsibility to act prudently. Please read our content disclaimer for course liability restrictions.

According to the AIA website as of 8-28-2018:
Question: "If I retake a course, will I receive credit?"
Answer: "Some courses (for example, courses on building codes) are often offered periodically with updated content but have the same name and course number. If you take the same course within a 12-month period, you will receive credit once."