How do I determine the success of the architectural specifications program?

The success of the program can be determined by three criteria: company and product recognition, education, and specification. Our representatives have three goals when they walk into a design professional’s office. First, we build name recognition for your company and product line. After our initial visit, your reps and marketing team should feel confident that the design professional recognizes your brand and is aware of your company.
During our presentation, our representatives will educate the design professional about the basic benefits of your product. Educating the design professional is crucial in getting your product specified. Finally, we ask that the design professional include your product’s in their office master specifications.
"Hot leads" are emailed daily to your company. A spec writer will not wait long to receive help from a manufacturer. RBA’s communications will inform you who to contact and what urgent requests are concerning. Often, this occurs when a spec is being finalized and we have an excellent chance to get your products in the specification. Reports are written for all calls we make and are submitted to you at the end of each call period. You can then send these call reports to the appropriate rep or distributor for sales follow up.