How much does a CE course cost to develop and host with RBA?

The cost to sponsor and host a CE course is much cheaper compared to other marketing efforts. You get the most “bang for your buck” educating design professionals through a CE program. To determine the cost, we will have you fill out a course development form. The form will list all of the materials you have available to develop a CE course with such as digital photos, CAD details, video clips, case studies, as well as learning objectives. The more material you can provide to us, the less expensive the development costs. For example, you may already have a Powerpoint presentation that can be incorporated into a course.
After receiving the course development form and reviewing your materials, our continuing education department will provide you with a free estimate for the development and registration of the course. The monthly hosting fee is determined by how many CE courses you currently have sponsored. Many manufacturers sponsor both face-to-face and online courses. We discount the monthly hosting fee for all additional CE courses after the development of the first course you sponsor.