What are the delivery format options for your continuing education program?

There are three general formats for delivery of CE programs: 1. Online/On Demand (module or video learning, available 24/7), 2. Webinar (live instructor, scheduled presentation online) 3. In Person/Lunch and Learn. Note that there are important distinctions between each format. If you have a lunch & learn course and you want to put it up on our online platform, it must be registered as an online program and converted to online format, and vice versa, per continuing education standards and guidelines set forth by states and credentialing associations.

  • Online/On Demand courses are a great fit if you are looking to create a program that is self-contained and you just get the leads to follow up on and connect with your course participants.
  • Webinars are a great format of delivery if you are looking to provide more of a direct connection with your audience with a little more feedback that allows you to gauge where to focus your follow up efforts. Each webinar generally attracts 100-300 attendees, so it is also a very efficient delivery format.
  • In-person or lunch & learns provide you with a more intimate setting and direct interaction that really fosters building a relationship with design firms and your attendees more easily.