What is continuing education for design professionals?

Architects in most U.S. states and Canadian provinces must meet Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) requirements for licensure. Eventually all states will require MCE. All architects who are AIA members must complete 18 Learning Units (LU’s) annually to retain their membership. A learning unit represents approximately one hour of study time. Twelve of those LU’s must be of Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) designation, which is a quality standard set by the Architectural Record Examiners board, (ARE). And there are many other credentialing associations that we work with that also require MCE hours. HSW and SD LUs are the most sought after credits by design professionals. SD courses are hosted at www.GreenCE.com provided by GreenCE, Inc. Ron Blank & Associates Inc. and GreenCE, Inc. can create, host, manage, and market engaging, compelling courses for your company that have the HSW or SD designation.