What is the most important aspect of hosting an online or webinar course on our platform?

Follow up! A point person in your office will receive lead reports containing the contact information of everyone who has participated in your online program or webinar. Participation indicates an interest in your product/service. We generally recommend a “Thank You For Participating in Our Course” email with any additional literature you might want to include or perhaps even a call to action and incentive. Personalization is also effective and meaningful, so you may want to delegate a specific rep in that participants area to follow up and simply lend themselves as a resource (What questions do you have? How can I be of service?). With webinars, attendees are able to ask questions during the webinar, so this can provide a guide for you during follow up in terms of what a potential lead is looking for. But time is of the essence. Therefore, someone on your staff must be able to quickly follow up on these leads. This helps establish a relationship between your company and the design professional after they have completed your program.