Why should I hire RBA to make specification calls instead of hiring someone to directly work for our company?

RBA has access to "hard to see" architectural firms and spec writers because they know us. They see us because we will not waste their time when we are educating them about your product technology. We can help you establish better communications with design professionals and spec writers with whom you are having difficulty. Many times architects are reluctant to tell product reps about problems, but they will tell us. We can find out what the problems are and how they can be corrected.
RBA saves your staff and reps valuable time by calling on design professionals, so they can be selling in the field. Are your reps paid to call on architects or to move product? Are they evaluated on the number of architects they visit? Reps are busy solving field problems, calling on customers and putting together bids. Often they are unable to find the needed time to call on the design professionals in their territory.
Hiring a full time rep to make architectural specification calls is very expensive due to salary, benefits, and travel expenses. Our specification program lowers your personnel costs. Current estimates are that the average direct company rep costs the company $90,000 to $100,000 per year. Do you really want to add another company rep to your payroll to concentrate on design professionals? We identify your local rep or distributor in the area to the design professional. Your representative will get the results of our face-to-face meetings and can make follow-up calls, as requested by the design professionals.