Will you report my state credits?

No, we do not report your LU credits for your states with MCE. We only process credits through the AIA. After successfully completing a course you can view and print your certificate of completion, a notification is sent to your email address for your records. To view or print one from the RBA transcript center (account management). Please use your username and password to login and update your information. If you wish to receive a hard copy of your certificate please contact Carol Davis. Please send all requests through email or call 800-248-6364, include your "Name" and the "Course Title". and "Number". I received an affidavit for one course but not for the another I took.

Am I going to receive credit for both?

Yes, you will receive credit. For new courses or courses we randomly audit, we email affidavits asking you to verify the relative time spent viewing a course. We audit courses to confirm the time spent so we can award appropriate credit. If the average time to complete a course is more than 1 hour, we can offer more credit for the course. Likewise, if the average time is less than 1 hour, we have to add content.