Manual Webinar Attendance Entry

Please ensure the email address you submit for each attendee matches the email address in their user account for this website. New website user accounts will be automatically created for anyone who does not already have an account, based on their submitted email address. Please instruct your group attendees to wait until they receive a follow-up email (within 24 hours of your submission) before attempting to log in for the first time. New users must perform a password reset for their account in order to access their transcripts and certificates. Course transcripts and completion certificates will be available to the user after logging into their account.

If the incorrect email address is submitted, a new account will be created for the user and the transcript will be applied to that account using the submitted address. ONCE APPLIED, THE TRANSCRIPT RECORDS CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT.

You may only submit attendance for webinars for which you completed successfully and earned credit.

Please allow 2 business days after submitting attendance before you receive your completion certificate or transcripts are updated.

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