Lava Liner
Lava-Liner, Ltd. is a woman owned, small business. Lava-Liner has been providing problem solving protective membranes, coatings, and surface treatments for more than 25 years. The first to design and deliver fire retardant asphaltic waterproof urethanes for OEM customers and later to the construction industry at large. In 2000 Lava-Liner designed anticorrosion and Fire-Retardant coatings containing antimicrobial properties for the HVAC industry to inhibit the growth of biofilm and bacteria including Legionella and Pseudomonas that are continuing threats in evaporative cooling systems. Specialty coatings for the B2B market include Fire Retardant Urethanes and Epoxies using both passive (intumescent) and Active Fire suppression technologies, highly chemical resistant epoxies for containment and protective urethanes for pipe coatings and metal surfaces serving the secondary maintenance and repair markets. Lava-Liner’s mission is to provide customers with personalized service and exceptional protective membranes whether it be off the shelf or niche designed for an individual customer’s specifications.