The Spec Shaman Summit

The Spec Shaman Summit
Dallas / Fort Worth

Building Product Manufacturers will get inside the mind of the Spec Shaman and learn from industry experts about how architectural offices function. They will also learn about what tools design professionals need to consider their products for specification and how to prepare reps and sales teams for successful engagement with design professionals.

March 4 and 5, 2024 • Agenda and Tickets:

The Spec Shaman Summit is a networking and education event for building product industry sales representatives and managers, marketing teams, and top executives. In addition to peers in your industry, you will meet and learn from top sales and marketing strategists, specification writers, architectural specification representatives, design professionals and other experts in the building product specification industry.

This exceptional gathering aims to empower manufacturers like you with invaluable insights and proven tactics to successfully get your products specified, reach decision-makers, save time and money, and unlock opportunities for your company. During this engaging event, you will learn how to reach decision-makers, enhance your product visibility, and streamline the specification process. Our distinguished speakers will share their success stories and reveal the key strategies they have employed to secure specifications and establish their products as industry leaders.

Moreover, you will have the unique opportunity to gain insights into getting specified for LEED projects, aligning your products with sustainable building practices. Understanding the specific requirements and nuances of LEED projects is crucial in today's environmentally conscious landscape, and our event will provide you with the necessary knowledge to excel in this domain.

The event will feature a series of enlightening presentations, thought-provoking panel discussions, and interactive breakout sessions. Additionally, there will be ample time for networking, allowing you to connect with like-minded professionals, forge new alliances, and expand your business network. We eagerly anticipate your participation in this transformative event, where you will gain the necessary knowledge and strategies to excel in the realm of building product specification.

By attending the summit, you will:
  1. Learn proven strategies for reaching decision-makers and enhancing product visibility
  2. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the specification process and explore ways to streamline it for maximum efficiency.
  3. Discover techniques to save time and money throughout the specification journey.
  4. Acquire insights into the intricacies of getting specified for LEED projects and leveraging sustainable documentation including HPDs, EPDs, and Declare Labels
  5. Engage in interactive discussions with industry experts, exchanging ideas and receiving personalized advice.
    your team
  6. Expand your professional network by connecting with fellow manufacturers, industry leaders, and decision-makers.

Book Attendees recieve a signed copy of
The Spec Shaman: How to Get Your Building Products Specified

“This book cuts through the fog of getting your product specified on a project…”
– Dean Moilanen, Noble Co.

“Many people lose sight of the fact that every project begins with a specification. The Spec Shaman sheds new light on the lost art of consultative selling on the part of a well-trained product rep.”
– Warren Barber, National Gypsum Co.

Attendees of our past seminars include: