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Elixir Environmental works with building product manufacturers to develop material ingredient reports, including Health Product Declarations (HPD), Declare Labels, and data for Google Portico and mindful MATERIALS. HPDs help to contribute points under LEED v4 and increase the chances of your building product getting specified. Top AEC firms are requesting HPDs from manufacturers. Perkins+Will, Smith Group JJR, HKS, and ZGF are requesting HPDs from manufacturers in order to be considered for product specification. Manufacturers who provide HPDs will be given preference over manufacturers that don't comply with these requests.

Health Product Declaration (HPD)

Elixir Environmental offers services to help building product manufacturers complete their Health Product Declaration. We identify all ingredients in your product by working with your supply chain. Elixir assists you in gathering and reporting the information required to complete your HPD template. The final HPD is "self-declared". To be considered compliant, all sections of an HPD must be completed in accordance with the HPD Open Standard. While the ideal for the HPD is 100% disclosure of both content identity and hazards, the HPD Open Standard supports a variety of standards when disclosure limitations exist, including intellectual property concerns, technical capacity and supply chain communication gaps. Thus, a variety of threshold standards for disclosure of intentional ingredients or residuals are supported, including limiting the disclosure to only the percent by weight, functional role, and associated health impacts in order to protect proprietary chemicals or materials.

Top AEC firms in the U.S. have already begun requesting HPDs from manufacturers. Firms such as Perkins+Will, Smith Group JJR, HKS, and ZGF are all encouraging building product manufacturers to provide HPDs in order to be considered for product specification. Manufacturers who provide HPDs will be given preference over manufacturers that don't comply with these requests. Elixir Environmental helps building product manufacturers develop HPDs to meet these new demands as well as for LEED projects. The HPD Collaborative™ has outlined several steps to create a Health Product Declaration. Elixir Environmental helps you complete these critical steps.

Google Portico

The Google Portico online tool was created to identify the healthiest products and materials for every Google building around the world. Google buys, builds, or leases over 100,000 sq. ft. of property every week somewhere on the planet. Google evaluates all building products and materials through a rigorous screening process and uses benchmarks based on established industry standards that value product transparency and material health. Products that meet these strict criteria are available to be specified for Google design and construction projects around the world.

Elixir Environmental can help building product manufacturers navigate the Google Portico process and increase product specification opportunities. Google Portico appraises building products and materials information. This information must be entered correctly so that architects and contractors can access the building product choices and examine details of products that meet Google criteria for projects. Elixir Environmental can help product manufacturers provide the necessary documentation for the Google Portico online tool and ensure they meet the stringent requirements.


In 2014, HKS developed mindful MATERIALS, an initiative that makes transparency and optimization information easily accessible to designers. Elixir Environmental helps building product manufacturers provide information for the mindful MATERIALS database. Through mindful MATERIALS, product information is entered in an online database, indicating which disclosure documents and certifications apply to each product. Green building certification programs, including the Living Building Challenge, the WELL Building Standard and LEED v4, are rewarding manufacturers with various levels of disclosure and optimization. Disclosures such as HPDs, EPDs, and Declare Labels are important tools for design professionals to use for these rating systems. Manufacturers who provide their transparency documentation on the platform have a better chance of getting specified.

Declare Label

Elixir Environmental helps building product manufacturers develop Declare Labels for the Living Building Challenge. Declare takes chemical analysis and raw material source location information and provides it to designers in an easy-to-use nutrition label. Declare has been approved as a compliance pathway for the LEED v4 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization Credit, Option 1.

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