How Networking Can Benefit Building Product Manufacturers

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Aug 16, 2017
How Networking Can Benefit Building Product Manufacturers

“LinkedIn Groups are the place to be, not only for professionals looking to belong, but businesses aiming to cultivate a valuable community,” says Dara Fontein in her article Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are an invaluable tool in today’s manufacturers market.

A Changing World

The building product world is a quickly changing and diverse world. With new regulations coming out every few years, a strong industry leader must stay on top of these changes. A powerful network can keep you not only on top of the changes, but can keep you informed of when changes are expected.
The days of giving work to Jim because you have been golfing buddies for 5 years isn’t over – it’s just changed. The fact is, getting specified is getting harder and harder, and there is more and more competition out there. Making connections to build up relationships in your industry and with your customers can give you an anchor when the winds change and the waves hit.

Inherent Value

According to Cathy Yerges of BG3, “LinkedIn groups have a lot of value. It’s where you can network and join conversations with like-minded individuals.” She unpacks this thought in her blog, How to Network on LinkedIn . The fact remains that a strong network is of inherent value to you. Sure, you can talk to people and get their insight when you meet them at a show or on the street – but in today’s rapidly moving world having an up-to-the-minute network can make you a leader in your field.

Why Us

In a previous blog, we talked about how to succeed. “You need to know your business…Don’t go in blind…Know who you are talking to…” This is where a great LinkedIn group can help. With over 30 years of experience and a strong presence in the green building community, GreenCE and Ron Blank and Associates are titans of information and stability in a changing industry. Knowing that the only survival is to work together, we have created a group to support product manufacturers and design professionals.
What groups have you joined on LinkedIn? Has your network assisted you in growing your business? What are you looking for in a network group?

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