The Adverse Effects of Specification Supplements

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Aug 10, 2018
The Adverse Effects of Specification Supplements

Do you need a prescription for your condition? Are your products not getting specified? Are you suffering adverse effects due to specification starvation like lost revenue, bankruptcy, or losing your log cabin on beautiful Lake Eerie? Specification supplements maybe the answer for you.

The primary purpose of specification supplements is to help the patient increase their specification opportunities. Specification supplements have a long history in the AEC community. In the old days, say 1000 years ago in the Dark Ages, master builders launched what became Gothic architecture. The master builders assembled massive work forces, constructed cathedrals out of mountains of stone, and created legendary architectural marvels.

Back in the Dark Ages, the only way you could get your oak timber or granite block specified was giving the master builder gallons of the finest Galician wine or barrels of ale from Trappist monks. The process has changed considerably over the past 1000 years and there are now modern ways to increase specification opportunities. However, these specification supplements do have many side effects as we shall see.

Specification Supplement Side Effects

The side effects of specification supplements can be overwhelming for first time users and may result in increased revenue, elevated brand awareness, numerous leads, and a trip to Hawaii. It is crucial that specification supplements be taken on a regular basis to ensure the medication is properly working and will ensure the correct results.

What Are Specification Supplements?

Specification supplements includes medication to help building product manufacturers expand their specification opportunities. These powerful supplements may include online AIA continuing education, webinars, Health Product Declarations (HPDs), and other effective remedies.

Dosage and Usage is especially important for specification supplements to work. Getting your products specified can take time. The specification process is like planting seeds for the future. A school or institutional project may take several years to complete. Getting in at the beginning of a project is crucial. Manufacturers need to be persistent and patient.

To reduce the risk of failure and getting demoted to sweeping the company warehouse floor, a product rep must use the specification supplements on a regular basis. AIA online courses educate architects about your products 24/7 throughout the year. Monthly participation reports are crucial to evaluating the efficacy of the specification supplements.

Specification supplements should never under any circumstances be given to product reps who don’t like big commission checks, have coronary problems that could result in a heart attack when they win an award, or can become impaired sitting on the beach after winning an all-expenses paid trip to Tahiti.

Addiction Issues

Specification supplements do have adverse effects that also include addictive properties. Product reps are advised that they may become hooked on AIA webinars, USGBC lunch and learns, and product transparency documentation. Although no overdoses have been reported due to specification supplements, it’s been reported that a product rep in southern Florida made such significant commission checks over the course of three years he fled the country and retired in New Zealand.

How Do I Get A Prescription?

Due to the controversial epidemic raging across the AEC community, it is advised that only the strongest and most dedicated product manufacturers be prescribed specification supplements. Although many of these supplements are approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and US Green Building Council (USGBC) manufacturers are advised to heed our precautions. We encourage product manufacturers to use specification supplements wisely. Has your company used specification supplements?

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