Enemies of Building Product Specification

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Nov 22, 2017
Enemies of Building Product Specification

“Sales efficiency is quantitatively defined as the amount of selling time spent face-to-face with customer decision makers, or phone-to-phone with decision makers if you are a tele-marketer. Effective sales people who spend more time in front of customers sell more. Anything that steals selling time is a theft of organization revenues and usually of sales person compensation,” says Jeffery Fox in his book How to Be a Fierce Competitor. How does this apply to building product reps trying to get products specified? Let’s find out.

Time is one of the most valuable resources a building product rep has. Time poorly spent leads to empty ambitions. Product reps have a limited amount of time. 24 hours each day. Nobody has more time than another. Productivity all comes down to how a product rep utilizes their time. Time is money.

How to Get Specified

In a previous blog, we discussed how building product reps can increase product specification. Being proactive, offering AIA continuing education, and being transparent all build loyalty and trust. It is crucial that product reps are knowledgeable about their products and have a positive attitude when visiting architects and contractors. Here are activities that can help increase product specifications:

  • Setting sales/specification goals each month
  • Sharing successful sales tips and strategies with colleagues
  • Practicing answering difficult questions for AIA presentations
  • Being proactive with sales leads

How Not to Get Specified

Procrastination, poor use of marketing dollars, and lack of enthusiasm can sink a building product rep. In addition, here are activities that can steal time away from product specification activities:

  • Poor prioritization
  • Poor goal setting
  • Travel time
  • Chasing unqualified leads
  • Postponed customer meetings
  • Doing the job of others
  • Useless meetings
  • Red tape
  • Paperwork not related to sales

Building product reps can be their worst enemy. Long monthly reports and the routine of sending literature and samples to everyone can rob products reps of valuable time. If you are asked to do anything that doesn’t directly or indirectly lead to product specification or sales, then don’t do it. Don’t let the enemies of product specification sink your ship. How does your organization combat the enemies of product specification?

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