3 Reasons to Say YES to Becoming a LEED Green Associate

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Jun 28, 2018
3 Reasons to Say YES to Becoming a LEED Green Associate

Opportunities don’t happen, they are created. One of the ways to create opportunity is to say yes when your first reaction is to say no. Usually, we say no because we think we’re unqualified or won’t succeed, or we think it doesn’t apply to us. Maybe you have thought this regarding the LEED Green Associate accreditation. But you could be limiting your opportunities.

LEED GA professionals have a basic but solid and current understanding of green design, construction, and operations. But who qualifies as a “professional”? Technically, ANYONE. Anyone can become a a LEED Green Associate. It is a great way to enter the sustainable industry because it is broad, covering nearly all elements of what it means to be green. While it really should be a given for AEC (architect, engineering, and construction) professionals and anyone in the build and design industry, it is very helpful to any professional or company that wants to show their commitment to the environment or who plan to enter into the green market.

The LEED GA is the fastest growing LEED credential. In a 2014 a press release from the USGBC, a study of U.S. job postings showed the demand for LEED GAs and APs grew 46% over a 12 month period. The study found 9,033 US job postings during the 12 months that required a LEED credential, with the top fields being engineering, construction, architecture, software development, sales management, property management, and interior design. A similar study since then hasn’t been done, but the most recent USGBC statistics posted in October 2017 listed more than 201,000 LEED professionals registered with the USGBC. The need for LEED credentialed professionals is growing, and this is reason enough to obtain your LEED GA credential.

Okay, Anyone Can Become a LEED GA, but Why Should They?

  1. LEED has become an industry standard. Many employers in the building industry expect job candidates to have LEED accreditation because a LEED certification is becoming the norm. It is becoming the norm, with the sustainability industry growing and green living becoming essential to stewardship of our planet’s resources.
  2. LEED is global. LEED is the only global green building rating system. Individuals who choose to become LEED professionals are positioning themselves to be competitive in globalizing economy by gaining a skill set that is in demand and internationally marketable.
  3. LEED is expanding its reach into various industries. Because LEED is a rating system that looks at the lifespan of the building, from start to finish, it impacts professionals in a multitude of phases. We typically think of architects, engineers, construction managers, and designers, but LEED benefits professionals in real estate, law, property management, commercial cleaning, landscaping, pest control, plumbing, university management, urban planning, and product manufacturing. Virtually anyone can benefit from earning the LEED Green Associate credential.

How Hard is it to Say YES to This Opportunity?

LEED Green Association is the most basic level of accreditation. It is also a prerequisite to obtaining higher levels of LEED accreditation. But by itself, the LEED GA credential provides a basic and broad understanding of the green industry and may be as far as you want to go. Which is why it’s great that it is so accessible to achieve. Is it easy? Well, nothing worthwhile comes easy, we all know this. But the many resources available to help you study for the LEED GA exam make it seem easy. We have plenty of previous a Spec Shaman blogs on preparing for the LEED GA exam, including:

All this information makes saying yes to opportunity easy, and to make it even easier, check out the a free LEED Exam Prep course. This course is designed to help you pass the LEED Green Associate exam the first time. It includes 10 video modules, a LEED study guide, LEED practice exams, study sheets, and an 8-hour audio book—all at no cost. We also offer a a LEED Simulated Exam which is a huge tool to ridding yourself of the pre-test nerves.

Opportunity is Created

Wherever you currently find yourself regarding becoming a LEED Green Associate, keep in mind the message we began with: Opportunity is Created! Nearly any professional person can benefit from obtaining their LEED GA credentials, with zero negative outcome to be had. It gives you an advantage over someone who doesn’t have it, possibly leading to product specification or to being hired for a job. In addition to creating professional and financial opportunities, becoming a LEED Green Associate shows you have a broad knowledge base that can encompass multiple sectors. Further, you can then prepare to take the next step and become a LEED AP. Who doesn’t like to add more titles after your name? Say yes to this opportunity today!

If you are already a LEED Green Associate, how have you seen this increase options in your professional life?

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