The Master Gardener: How Successful Product Manufacturers Grow

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Feb 21, 2018
The Master Gardener:  How Successful Product Manufacturers Grow

What if a garden was a product manufacturer? It’s a unique analogy but offers many important lessons. Author Jeffrey Fox has suggested that companies should be like master gardeners. According to Fox, if a manufacturer was a master gardener, management would do the following:

  • Why does the garden exist? Why does the company exist? A building product manufacturer should be confident in their mission and goals.
  • A master gardener needs to plan their garden. A building product manufacturer needs to plan their business. Every manufacturer should have a marketing plan.
  • Gardeners invest in the best seeds and plants. Manufacturers should invest in the best people, resources, and tools for the best ROI. For example, AIA continuing education is an investment with significant ROI for manufacturers.
  • A master gardener uses the finest fertilizer. Companies should nurture talent and ability. Manufacturers should provide education opportunities and resources like LEED exam prep and CSI CDT training.
  • A wise gardener makes their space environmentally attractive. Product manufacturers should provide a productive workplace.
  • A master gardener manages the garden with the environment in mind. Manufacturers need to integrate sustainability into their manufacturing process.
  • Rotate the crops from field to field. Companies should train people so they aren’t stuck in silos with only one ability.
  • Prune the deadwood. It’s crucial for manufacturers to fire bad employees, cut expenses, and focus on the basics. In a previous blog, we discussed several reasons for not firing an employee. However, sometimes the deadwood needs to be pruned.
  • A master gardener knows when to thin the carrots. Manufacturers should remove bureaucratic layers and red tape.
  • Let the random sunflower grow. Serendipity is welcome.
  • The master gardener knows every plant is different. Companies should be aware that all employees and clients are different. Some clients need more attention than others. Manufacturers should be open minded and tolerant.
  • A gardener rolls with the weather. Manufacturers can’t control everything.
  • Stop and smell the basil. Take a deep breath. Enjoy yourself!

Successful product manufacturers grow their businesses like productive gardens. Outworking, outselling, and out marketing competitors is the sign of every successful manufacturer. What are your company’s mission and goals? How does your company analyze ROI?

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