Awesome Attributes of a Building Product Rep

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Aug 28, 2018
Awesome Attributes of a Building Product Rep

It is crucial that building product reps ask the right questions in meetings with design professionals. The building product rep must understand the customer’s concerns, objections, budget, timeline, needs, etc. It is important that a building rep determines the client’s major problems and how to solve them.

Building product reps call on a variety of design professionals including architects, specifiers, engineers, interior designers, contractors, consultants, etc. A building product rep must prepare for any questions that the customer throws their way. “What colors does it come in? Does the exterior cladding come in plaid? Is it bullet-proof?

No question is too mundane to ask. Building product reps should be prepared to uncover how their product will benefit the design professional. Everyone gets thrown a curveball. If a Rep doesn’t know the answer to something, they should inform the design professional they will dig into the issue and get back with them. Lying is not an option.

In a previous blog, How to Get Specified by Architects, we discuss that nothing is more effective for increasing brand and product awareness than hitting the pavement and visiting architects. Whether the Rep is delivering an AIA education course or dropping off samples, getting face to face time is crucial for specifications. Architects have limited time, so it is crucial to maximize what little time they may have available.

Sometimes it helps to ask the design professional at the end of a meeting: “What question should I be asking? Is there anything I missed during our discussion?”. A Rep could be walking out the door when the design professional remembers something important and this crucial piece of information helps the process.

A good building product rep asks the questions that other professionals wished they had. Leave no stone unturned. After conducting an important meeting with a design professional, sometimes it can help to write a hand-written card to the decision maker. Out of sight is out of mind. The more your product, brand, company, etc. is remembered by a design professional, the better chance of specification.

Although there are many good building product reps in the industry, there are few great reps. Successful product reps have specific attributes and habits that make them successful. These attributes can include:

  • They are good listeners.
  • They are very well organized.
  • They appreciate answering questions and solving problems.

A great Rep brings in new clients, gets products specified, and helps an organization become successful. How does your organization train reps? What attributes do you look for in a building product rep?

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