5 Things That Can Increase Building Product Specifications

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Nov 21, 2018
5 Things That Can Increase Building Product Specifications

Getting specified is not always easy and getting specified during the holidays or end of the year deadlines is even more of a challenge. The challenge is the same for everyone--a product manufacturer builds a relationship with a specifier, or bids to be part of a project, and hopes to get picked. But in the end, there is only one victor. If you’re not the one picked, how does that happen if you did all the same things that the other person did? The construction industry is a complex one. There are competitors to be aware of, along with architects, builders, and designers. Recent information shows that architects in the role of specifier value product transparency and knowledge sharing as a critical influence in specification choices. But there are ways to increase building product specifications.


Architects are busy people, and they want a building product website that is up-to-date, easy to navigate, and easy to access. This means no sign-up to view product information, and the ability to download information, including building information models and objects. Architects must be able to download CSI 3 part specifications, LEED product documentation, Health Product Declarations (HPDs), and other important resources. It also means that having a simple, streamlined website is important, and that’s true for any business.


Continuing education courses are a non-negotiable for architects. They are mandated to take continuing education courses to maintain their state license, AIA membership, and LEED credential. They also are short on time, so killing two birds with one stone is ideal. Building product manufacturers can capitalize on this by developing free AIA online courses, webinars, and face-to-face lunch and learns. And it’s important that the courses aren’t boring, or 100% reading based. Visual information is easier to remember, as is information learned through multiple learning platforms. Free AIA architect courses provide a significant way to build relationships for building product manufacturers and increase product specification opportunities.

Train Your Sales Team

Building product reps need to know technical information about their products. Architects have more trust in a manufacturer with a sales force that is highly knowledgeable about what’s being sold. Likewise, a sales team that speaks the language of architects will likely have a better chance at specification. Invest in your sales team and help them earn their LEED Green Associate credential. Our free LEED Prep Exam course is a great way to do that.

Be Transparent

Loyalty and trust are fostered with the architect when the product manufacturer is transparent, about how the product is made, how it performs, and how it is best used. This will translate to greater market share, as architects start to look at the manufacturer as an extension of their project teams.

Keep Your Current Clients Happy

Word-of-mouth is the best marketing tool. A good recommendation increases credibility. This isn’t just for current customers either. Good customer service involves monitoring customer relationships after a job is done, to procure return business. And make sure your sales team is proactive in eliminating problems before they happen.

Are any of these areas something you need to work on? Which ones do you do best, and have you seen a good return on it?

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