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Building product manufacturers who want to get specified by architects can find strategies and suggestions in our weekly blog posts. Building product specification is crucial for manufacturers and our team offers the best resources available. Blog post topics include: 3 part CSI guide specifications, AIA continuing education, and building product rep training. Building product manufacturers who want to get their products specified can check our platform every week for valuable information about the AEC industry. Guest bloggers are always welcome. Please contact us for submission information and requirements.

On: Jan 20, 2017 By: Brad Blank
The Start-To-Finish Guide to Optimizing Your Free AIA Online Manufacturer Course
Does your company offer free online AIA education? If so, there are some basic tips to optimize your education course so it receives higher participation. You can create the greatest AIA course in the world, but unless you integrate a few key strategies, your course may suffer low attendance. Online AIA course optimization strategies include using video, utilizing an accomplished subject matter expert, and integrating SEO into your course.
On: Nov 10, 2016 By: Brad Blank
Why Magazine Ads Are Worthless for Product Manufacturers
Thirty years ago print advertising ruled the roost. Newspaper, magazine ads, and direct mail were utilized by many building product manufacturers to reach architects, spec writers, and other decision makers. Today’s media world is completely different. Total print advertising in the United States dropped by over $30 billion between 2011 and 2016. Online ad spending reached $62 billion in 2016.
On: Oct 28, 2016 By: Brad Blank
How to Get Specified by Architects-Part 1
Getting your products specified by architects isn’t rocket science but it takes persistence and patience. First of all, you need a great building product. If your product is a cheap piece of crap, ridden with design deficiencies, made from toxic substances like mercury and asbestos and assembled by underage children in some third world country ruled by a ruthless dictator, then you might want to rethink your plan.
On: Oct 28, 2016 By: Brad Blank
How Webinars Can Be Your Secret Weapon
Webinars are one of the most effective marketing tools a building product manufacturer can use. Webinars can offer more education benefits in one hour than any other sales and marketing program. How many other marketing programs do you know of that can educate 250-500 architects, specifiers, contractors, and engineers in one hour? Webinars should be an essential part of your long term marketing plan.
On: Oct 28, 2016 By: Brad Blank
How Your Outdated AIA Course is Affecting Your Brand
Does your AIA education course look like a train wreck? Are your product reps using Powerpoint presentations from 1999? Do architects fall asleep during your box lunch seminars? Then maybe its time to update your CE course. An antiquated AIA CE course can negatively affect your brand and open the door for your competition.
On: Oct 28, 2016 By: Brad Blank
Marketing Building Products Perception Versus Reality
“Marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products,” state marketing gurus Al Ries and Jack Trout in their monumental book The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Most people perceive the first product in a given industry as the superior one.