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Building product manufacturers who want to get specified by architects can find strategies and suggestions in our weekly blog posts. Building product specification is crucial for manufacturers and our team offers the best resources available. Blog post topics include: 3 part CSI guide specifications, AIA continuing education, and building product rep training. Building product manufacturers who want to get their products specified can check our platform every week for valuable information about the AEC industry. Guest bloggers are always welcome. Please contact us for submission information and requirements.

On: Jun 22, 2018 By: Stacie Townsend
3 Tips for Getting Specified on Multi-Family Projects
Historically, the LEED rating system is challenging for multi-family project. The single-family and office rating system was used for multi-family development, and this presented less opportunities for multi-family product manufacturers to get specified. But with LEED v4, multi-family specific credits are now included, creating more opportunity for specification. Sustainability may be trending, but this doesn’t mean it’s a fad.
On: Jun 20, 2018 By: Brad Blank
Ron Blank & Associates and Sustainable Minds Announce Collaboration
This strategic partnership will help design professionals find the best products and benefit building product manufacturers through increased access to the design community.
On: Jun 18, 2018 By: Brad Blank
The Product Rep Myth of The Monster Territory Too Big to Handle
“Improving time and territory management is an example of doing the wrong thing right. Time and territory management is an archaic concept relevant for both door-to-door and route salespeople,” says author Jeffery Fox. Does time and territory management misdirect salespeople? Let’s find out . . .
On: Jun 14, 2018 By: Stacie Townsend
4 Transparency Documents That Help Specification on Both LEED v4 & WELL Projects
In a previous blog, we explored the WELL Standard and how it works together with LEED v4. While LEED v4 is concerned with the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings, homes, and neighborhoods—the outside of the structure—WELL Standard is focused on a holistic view of health.
On: Jun 11, 2018 By: Brad Blank
Has your company spent a fortune on a continuing education course that fails to provide great ROI? Are you ready to increase your product specification opportunities? Building product manufacturers are working with slimmer budgets and have more responsibilities on their plates. They need as much help as they can to promote their products and get specified. Today we’ll dive into the reasons why many AIA courses stink and what to do about it.
On: Jun 6, 2018 By: Stacie Townsend
The WELL Standard: The Heart of Buildings
Building and design professionals often seem to focus on only the shell and infrastructure of a building. LEED deals with the building materials and how it’s put together. If this was an anatomy lesson, we could say LEED is the bones and muscle of a building. That’s a big job, and with so many programs (and acronyms!) available, why add one more to the mix?
On: Jun 4, 2018 By: Brad Blank
Product Specification Fail: Why Your AIA Course Stinks and What to Do About It - Part 1
Have you spent a small fortune developing your AIA continuing education course only to see it bomb? Are your course participation numbers as bad as Steven Seagal’s acting? Building product manufacturers spend significant budget money on developing AIA courses and the last thing you want to happen is for the course to flop.
On: Jun 1, 2018 By: Stacie Townsend
The Insider's Guide on Getting Specified for Passive House Projects
American architect and inventor, R. Buckminster Fuller, said, “The best way to predict the future is to design it.” The build and design industry is creative and innovative. There is always something new to invent, something new to learn. This creativity and innovation offers a vast amount of options for designing the future.
On: May 29, 2018 By: Brad Blank
Why Every Product Manufacturer Should Aspire to Be Like TOTO USA
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” said Steve Jobs. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend three days at TOTO’s North American headquarters in Morrow, Georgia. TOTO’s manufacturing facility is a technological marvel and exemplifies the highest standards for sustainable manufacturing practices in the industry. It’s also the cleanest manufacturing facility I’ve ever visited.
On: May 25, 2018 By: Stacie Townsend
3 Tools to Make the GBCI Exam Process a Piece of Cake
Taking and passing the LEED exam is no small endeavor. The process and requirements can be overwhelming, as explained in this previous blog, How to Get LEED Certified. It probably requires more studying than desired for the average person, since college is in that rearview mirror for most taking the exam!